Battery Charger, MULTI US 7002

Battery Charger, MULTI US 7002 CTEK


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Keep your battery in optimum condition during storage. The Multi US 7002 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that delivers automated professional grade performance in a small package. A 'Next Generation' universal charger, the MULTI US 7002 has a unique 8-step charging curve. This new refined technology ensures that the vehicle's battery gets the best possible care.

Compatible with other electronic equipment - Most vehicles today are equipped with sensitive electronic systems. Unlike less-sophisticated chargers, there is no need to disconnect the battery; keep all your vehicle settings and reduce the risk of expensive calibration repairs by using the supply mode during service of your vehicle. The Supply mode serves as a power supply unit that can run 12V equipment up to 7A. When changing a battery, important settings will therefore not be lost. The unique Recond mode restores the power capacity in a stratified battery, prolonging its life. The stratifying process starts after just a few deep discharges of the battery.

Many of today's vehicle technologies and programming can put a strain on your battery. Save yourself from low voltage and un-necessary strain on your alternator and electrical system by properly maintaining your battery. Fully automatic - for charging and maintenance - There is no need for any specific knowledge of batteries or their charging methods; the MULTI US 7002 will take care of that. Once you switched to the preferred mode, the charger takes its own readings and then begins to charge the battery in 8 steps, including pulse maintenance for best performance and service life. It is also perfectly suited for Optima Yellow Top batteries. The MULTI US 7002 can also be connected for months, which is ideal for seasonally stored vehicles.