Saleen Supercharger, S302, Yellow Label, 2018-2021 MY

Saleen Supercharger, S302, Yellow Label, 2018-2021 MY

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The Saleen by Edelbrock Supercharger Kit is a 50-state emissions-legal system that produces 740 horsepower and 610 ft-lbs of torque with no other modifications required! This supercharger utilizes a high-efficiency rotor assembly along with a high-capacity, dual-pass, triple core air-to-water intercooler. An ultra-smooth and linear torque curve translates into more usable performance at all points in the power band. It provides the best performing ability to provide cool air at the highest compression for efficient power-on-demand.


On the 2018-2021 MY Saleen, we boost the unit to the safest amount recommended before considering engine internals and/or higher flowing fuel pumps to support additional boost. With this unit, we are able produce 740 horsepower on the 5.0L Ford Engine; however there are variables such as fuel octane type, exhaust flow, etc.  This potent Yellow Label system for the new Mustang is backed by Saleen by Edelbrock's industry-leading 3-Year/36,000-mile Powertrain Warranty and is 50-state emissions legal.


This is a COMPLETE unit. No extra brackets, intercoolers, fuel lines, etc are needed. Follow the instructions and you'll have everything needed to complete the installation on the vehicle.